Bashful is a character played by Brer Bear888.

About himEdit

He is a very shy and kind dwarf. He is cowardly like the other dwarfs, but in his hearts he really is a true hero. He is also in love with Snow White and Queen Delightful.

Where did we saw him?Edit

He appears in the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and in the T.V. show The 7D. He also made cameo appearances in House of Mouse.

Bashful in The 7D


The Other Dwarfs- Bashful's brothers.

Snow White- Bashful's best friend, and crush.

Queen Grimhilde- Bashful's biggest enemy, because she tried to murder Snow White.

Queen Delightful- Bashful's crush in The 7D.

The Glooms- Bashful's enemies in The 7D.


"Ohhhh, go-o-o-osh."

"My cup's been washed. Sugar's gone."

"She's wicked!"

7D Mine Train App meet Bashful!

7D Mine Train App meet Bashful!