Bree is roleplayed by Heather11203333

About herEdit

She is one of the main characters of Lab Rats. She is a very fast superhuman and is Leo's only stepsister wich makes her the special one on Leo's mom's side. 


Demanding, sweet, eager of her affection, kind, loyal.


Super speed, super jump, Sonic Cyclone, Vacuum Generation, Mental Navigation System, Speed Talking, Speed Typing,  Sticking, Super Agility, Vocal Manipulation, Enchanced Strenght, Super Durability, Martial Arts, Bravery, Speed Drawing/Painting.


Chase, Adam - brothers

Douglas - father

Donalt - adoptive father/uncle

Tasha - adoptive step-mother/aunt

Leo - step-cousin/brother

Eddy, Marcus, Victor - Enemies
Lab Rats - Funny Moments

Lab Rats - Funny Moments