Launchpad McQuack is a character played by Disneyfan97.

About himEdit

He is very kind, a bit shy but has a true heart of gold, when it goes to his friends, that are in truble. He is very funny, he is a pilot, he can be (sometimes) very clumbsy, but in the end he saves the day. He wears pilot cloths, that means, pilot glasses, brown jacket, light brown jeans and a light pink scarf. 

Where did we saw him?Edit

He was in television series, Duck Tales and Darkwing Duck.


Scrooge McDuck- the milionare duck, that has 3 nephews.

The three nephews- are Launchpad's friends.

Darkwing Duck- Launchpad's hero and he is his biggest fan.

Magica De Spell- is the evil queen and everybody's enemy.


Oh gosh, it's Darkwing Duck! (Faints)

I am your biggest fan!

Are we going on the right direction? I have to look in my map.

Launchpad's Moments

Launchpad's Moments