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Maximus Played by Valentin girl

About himEdit

Is the horse from the castle, he is very smart and he acts as a dog. He is willing, brave, funny,determined, etc. ... He is a capitan of the guards. He is a large white horse, with a blonde mane and tail, he wears a districkt saddle with the sun symbol of the Kingdom.

Where did we saw him?Edit

We saw him in the movie Tangeld and Tangeld ever after.


Guards - he was their loyal horse, until Maximus was in charge and was the commander to them.

Rapunzel - is a blond girl, with magic hair and is Maximus's friend.

Flynn/Eugene - is Maximus's enemy/prisoner, then his friend.

Mother Gothel - the Mother of Rapunzel.

Pascal - the best friend of Rapunzel.


(Horse voice)
Tangled-funny moments of Maximus

Tangled-funny moments of Maximus