Mike Wazowski is a character played by Teamdarkfan4.

Mike Wazowski 003

About himEdit

He is a cute monster that is hidding in childrens closet. When the children go to sleep, the monsters goes out from their closets and scare the children. But the monsters now, are not scaring childrens any more, but they are intertaining them, by laugh. Mike is a small round (like a football- ball) and has feet, hands and a pair of horns. His body colour is lightly green and he has just one big eye. He wanted to be scary, but because of his cuteness he wasn't scary at all.

Where did we see him?Edit

He was in Monster Inc. and in Monster University.


Sullivan- Mike's best friend, in Monsters University, he was Mike's commpeterter. But they slowly recogniz, that they are friends.

Boo- a human friend and Sullivan's kitty friend.

Celia- Mike's girlfriend.

Randal- is Mike's and Sulliven's enemy, he can change to any colour and he can vanish (Like a cameleon, that is he.)


Ok, just one time, and that's it.


Monsters Inc

Monsters Inc. - Mike Wazowski